The Best Download Manager’s For Android in 2022

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If you are an Android user, chances are, you have at some point found yourself downloading files using your mobile device. For most people, the stock download managers are good enough to warrant not having an additional app on their device but is the stock download manager the best?

In this guide, we will take a look at the Top 3 Download Managers For Android in 2022. If you’ve been wondering what are the best download managers for android, then this blog is for you!

What is a Download Manager?

An android download manager is a mobile app that lets you download files with a much simpler interface, with more control. These apps offer a myriad of features from scheduling downloads to pause/resume features.

What makes Download Managers Great?

  • Increased Speeds – Unlike stock download managers, 3rd party download manager apps are capable of achieving faster download speeds as they split a single file into multiple segments or parts in order to make multiple connections to the server and download them faster.
  • Pause/Resume Downloads – With android download managers, you can pause or resume a download with a tap of a button. In recent times, we’ve seen in-built download managers that come stock with this feature but from our experience, we’ve found download managers to be a lot safer when it came to pausing and resuming downloads.
  • Video & Audio Previews – Download managers for android allow you to stream & preview media files such as video & audio files even before the download has been completed! That’s a pretty neat feature on its own and is one of the reasons many people love using download managers.
  • Multiple Protocols Supported – Download managers make it possible to download files using various protocols such as P2P or ‘torrents’. Therefore you don’t need a separate app for P2P downloads.
  • Extracting Videos From Websites – Some download managers are capable of extracting videos from websites and allow you to download them with ease!
  • Neat file management – With a download manager, your files will no longer be all over the place. They create folders for the various file types so that all images are downloaded to an images folder while zip/compressed files are downloaded to their own relevant folder. This makes finding your content a lot easier!

List of Best Download Managers:

Now that you understand some of the benefits of using a download manager, we will highlight some of our personal favorite download managers [FREE & PAID].

1. 1DM+

Price FREE & PAID ($3 OR $1.55 during sales)

1DM+ is the paid version of 1DM created by the developer, Vicky Bonick. The app is available in 3 different versions, namely: LITE, FREE & PAID.

The LITE version of this app seems a bit redundant as the app’s size is actually bigger than the FREE full version. At the time of writing this blog, the LITE version measure 0.4 MB more than the full version. Our guess is that the LITE version is probably just a marketing gimmick & wasn’t actually made as a proper lightweight app.

1DM+ Main Features:

  • Supports up to 16 parts to speed up downloads (video, music & all other files)
  • You can Pause and Resume downloads
  • Download streaming Music, Video, Files from your favorite websites using 1DM [formerly IDM] Browser
  • Auto download Music, Video, Image from social media
  • Download m3u video
  • Download m3u8 video
  • Download MP-DASH video
  • Auto convert ts videos to mp4 video after the download is finished
  • Smart download option to download files when you copy download links
  • Download several files at the same time
  • 1DM [formerly IDM] download manager has the best way to Refresh expired links using the 1DM [formerly IDM] Browser (very useful for video download)
  • Browse the internet free of ads using the built-in browser
  • Best Popup blocker
  • Browse videos with the built-in browser
  • Batch downloader & Grabber
  • Website Grabber to download all static files (Video, Music) in a webpage
  • Many more features
  • Ad-free
  • Scheduler to schedule your video & other downloads
  • Supports up to 32 parts to accelerate video downloads
  • Up to 30 simultaneous downloads (video, music, etc)

It’s no secret that 1DM+ is a feature-packed download manager with countless features. It is one of the most fully-fledged download managers that pretty much has everything you need or expect from a download manager & more. 1DM+ also features a really pretty and modern UI with support for themes and more to personalize the app to your liking.

Our experience with this app has been excellent, to say the least! One of the key features that have earned the app its spot on this list, as well as our top paid android apps of 2021 list, is that this download manager even allows you to refresh a download link. How this works is quite simple. Let’s assume I have been downloading a file and then paused the download. Thereafter, an hour later I’ve come back to download it but the link has changed. With a stock download manager, I’d pretty much be out of luck and would need to restart the download but with 1DM+, I can simply refresh the link and pick up from where I’ve left off!

Additionally, the P2P support that this app offers is pretty great and useful if you download torrent files.

For most users, 1DM’s streaming support feature as well as its ability to extract content from websites are reasons enough to use this app. We’ve also really enjoyed this feature as it made it possible to visit a site like Vimeo, and be able to download a video with a single tap of a button!

As a download manager that’s feature-packed, it’s going to be pretty difficult for other download managers to complete but for this guide, we’ll still be looking at them anyway.

2. Advanced Download Manager (ADM)

Price FREE & PAID (~$2.5)

The next app on our list is Advanced Download Manager. This app is quite similar to 1DM+ offering pretty much the same/similar features all across the board. ADM does have the upper hand when it comes to being lightweight as the app measures only 6.3MB in size! That’s more than 50% smaller than 1DM+ with very similar features and a clean material design UI that’s easy to understand.

One of the major advantages of ADM is that their free version of the app has very few ads and comes with all features unlocked. Upgrading to the PRO version only removes Ads. This is really impressive and is most probably going to be the #1 Pick for being the best free download manager for android.

Although ADM sounds like an excellent choice, there are a few differences between ADM & 1DM. These are some of the key differences we noticed:

  • 1DM+ (Paid Version) allows for up to 30 parallel downloads compared to only 5 on ADM.
  • 1DM+ is also capable of splitting a download into 32 parts compared to ADM’s max of 16.
  • 1DM+ does a bit of a better job in extracting videos from some websites.
  • ADM is much more lightweight compared to 1DM & 1DM LITE
  • ADM’s FREE version is feature-packed

All in all, ADM is a really solid competitor to 1DM+ with 1DM+ having the slight upper hand when it comes to some features. That being said, the differences in features aren’t major or significant enough to warrant choosing one over the other. It all boils down to personal preference and which one you like best.

3. MyJDownloader


MyJDownloader is the app that PC fans are going to love! If you’ve been using a download manager on your Windows desktop, chances are, you’ve probably heard of JDownloader 2. For those of you that aren’t aware, JDownloader 2 is one of the most powerful download managers for desktops.

Unlike 1DM+ & ADM, MyJDownloader is not actually a download manager for downloading files to your android device. Rather, it is an app that allows you to control your JDownloader desktop app remotely.

The app offers great features like:

  • Check how your downloads are doing & their progress
  • Add Links to your LinkGrabber
  • Monitor your clipboard for links
  • Get notified about captchas and solve them
  • Manage multiple Downloads

It’s a pretty cool app and one we’d recommend for desktop users that are already using JDownloader 2.0. If you don’t use JDownloader on your PC or need an app for downloading to your android device only then you can give this app a skip.

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