How to make a website using Android

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Hi Guys, Today In this article we are going to share how to build a fully functional website from scratch without using any framework or any library. when we don’t have access to our Laptop and Pc but still want to complete our project for some reason if we want to deliver our project on time. So, basically, we are going to tell you how easily you can build your website using your Android device.

What You need?

  • Android device
  • KSWEB App

If you want to develop a website fully from scratch without using any framework or to continue the projects that we left on our pc. this article is for you. If your project is on HTML, CSS, and using any backend like PHP for connecting your database as your backend these apps gonna help you to develop it easily.

How to Create a Website?

  1. So, First of all, You have to download this awesome app called KSWEB from Play Store. which gives you MySQL, Apache, Nginx, and Php with Admin Panel support in one place. After, opening toggle all buttons and activate the server.
  2. Now, Select the host server from this app which provide your two type of servers like Apache, and Nginx. Choose whatever you want to use.
  3. if your website going to use database then you also have to enable MySQL by clicking the start button.
  4. Now, your localhost is ready to server your website locally.

The default IP and port of the local server are by opening this URL you’ll see a default PHP welcome page which later you can change by going to the /storage/ emulated/ 0/ htdocs directory of your phone storage. This is the directory where all your website codes are stored you can create or modify files there and that content will be server on your localhost server.

At the start, you will see this default welcome page from PHP and If you want to access your database, schema, and table for your MySQL then you should open the PhpMyAdmin Panel from http://localhost:8001 and you will get your PhpMyAdmin Panel login page.

To login into your PhpMyAdmin, you need to enter the default credentials of the App which is:

username: root
password: *leave it blank*

After that, You will be logged into your Admin Panel where you can easily access, create or delete your schema and tables of your database. Now, your development surface is ready. you can now test your website is working or not.


So, basically, the KSWEB app helps you to server your web pages on your localhost. by using it you can test your web page on android. This also helps you to test or run CMS on your localhost like WordPress, Data life, etc… I personally use this to test my some PHP script on my localhost which helps me a lot to debug my code.

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