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ViMusic APK

Download ViMusic APK on Android. In the world of Android applications, where a new app emerges every other day, only a few stand out. Let’s dive into this music app, starting with an enchanting one that has stolen the spotlight – ViMusic.

About ViMusic APK

ViMusic is an open-source Android application that seamlessly serves listeners with a rich music experience from YouTube. It successfully stands out among the majority because of its unique attributes and user-friendly interface. This app is not just about listening. It’s about exploring and venturing into the vast arena of music.

The developers behind this gem focused on providing great sound quality and making the user interface so comfortable that it becomes hard to switch to any other application once you start using it. With constant updates and work on users’ feedback, the app keeps getting better, providing you with an unforgettable experience.

ViMusic Features:

  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Offline Listening
  • Constant Updates and Improvements
  • Responsive Developer Team
  • Create your Playlist
  • Search and play any song or video from YouTube Music
  • Background playback
  • Android Auto
  • Minimal UI Design
  • Lightweight APK Size

User-Friendly Interface

ViMusic doesn’t surprise you with complex options and settings. The interface is designed considering the ease of access for many users.

Offline Listening

Whether in airplane mode or just saving your data, ViMusic has got you covered. You can enjoy uninterrupted music anytime, anywhere.

Constant Updates and improvements

Nothing stays perfect forever, and the developers of ViMusic understand this concept. That’s why the app is regularly updated to refine your experience.

Responsive Developer Team

It’s one thing to present an application and another to cater to its user base. ViMusic has a responsive developer team that listens to feedback and implements it, ensuring user satisfaction.


ViMusic fascinate your music journey. Open yourself to a unique and interactive music experience. Remember, ViMusic allows you to relish music your way in an era dominated by streaming. After all, who said listening to music wasn’t supposed to be an adventure? Download it now, explore it, and let the music take control. Because when words fail, music speaks! Happy Listening!

What's New in Latest Version

* Minor fixes and improvements

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