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App NamePiano Tiles 2™ - Piano Game
Package namecom.kooapps.pianotiles2gp
Category Music
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The Description

Piano Tiles 2 APK

Download Piano Tiles 2 APK on Android. Enter a world of music and games where your sense of rhythm and reflexes play a key role. Piano Tiles 2 is an app that combines music with interactive gaming, and you’ll find yourself tapping your fingers and feet to the beat.

About Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2 is a popular app that offers a unique musical experience, providing access to over 700 songs. The app’s advanced algorithms ensure accurate detection of touch, generating an immersive gameplay experience that challenges players to hit the correct tiles at precisely the right time. Additionally, the app’s music files are optimized to reduce latency, thus enhancing the overall user experience. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or a professional pianist, Piano Tiles 2 offers a seamless and engaging way to interact with your favorite songs.

Piano Tiles 2 has undergone consistent updates and improvements, resulting in exponential growth over the years. The APK boasts an immersive user interface, an expanded song library, and a range of gameplay modes, all contributing to an enhanced musical gaming experience that remains faithful to its original concept. Its technical features include optimized audio processing, low-latency touch response, and advanced graphics rendering, resulting in a seamless and responsive gameplay experience.

Piano Tiles 2 Features:

  • Expansive song library of over 700 songs
  • Variety of gameplay modes for all skill levels
  • Competitive daily missions and events
  • Power-ups to boost your performance
  • Play offline, anywhere, anytime

Massive Song Library

From classical to contemporary, the app brings the world of music to your mobile device.

Diverse Gameplay

Taking a stride further from being just a rhythmic game, Piano Tiles 2 has added various features to keep the experience thrilling yet balanced.


These game boosters provide a helping hand on your rhythmic journey, rescuing your progress, freezing time, and more!

Daily missions and events

Who says practice can’t be fun? Level up your skills with daily challenges.

Offline Play

With no dependency on WiFi or data, you can enjoy the game irrespective of your location.


Piano Tiles 2 APK is an exceptional application that offers a diverse range of interactive musical experiences. With its engaging and addictive gameplay, the app effectively challenges the user’s musical capabilities, providing a dynamic musical journey.

Furthermore, we provide a handpicked collection of high-quality Android applications that cater to your specific needs. As experts in the field, we assure you that our selection is of the highest standard, providing access to the best Android applications available, all in one convenient location.

What's New in Latest Version

What's news:
- After 3 long years Piano Tiles 2 returns to the Google Play Store! Enjoy!
- A new season of Journey of Star to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!
- Bug fixes and optimizations

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