Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars APK

Lords Mobile Kingdom Wars

2.112 for Android

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App Information

App NameLords Mobile: Kingdom Wars
Package namecom.igg.android.lordsmobile
Category Strategy
Size937.48 MB
Last Updated
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The Description

Lords Mobile Kingdom Wars APK

Amidst the rapidly growing universe of Android gaming, the strategy genre has emerged as a triumphant favorite among players seeking to test their tactical prowess. Adding to this unique niche of games is the fantastic, engaging, and irresistible Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars APK that promises to leave you hooked and craving for more.

About Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars APK

Prepare to immerse yourself in a battle like never before in the enthralling world of Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars. The true Emperor has fallen, and the kingdoms await a powerful Lord to unite them. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to gather heroes, build your army, and crush your enemies in this strategy game.

The game features diverse backgrounds for the heroes, from steampunk robots to mermaids and dark elves; the range of choices will leave you both excited and intrigued. Set in a magical, mythical world, Lords Mobile offers a strategic playground for you to showcase your skills, form alliances, and establish your empire.

Lords Mobile Kingdom Wars APK Features:

  • Artifact Collection and Upgrades
  • Vergeway Tower Defense
  • Kingdom Building
  • Troop Formations
  • Powerful Heroes
  • Guild Alliances
  • Online Clashes
  • Animated Battles

Artifact Collection and Upgrades

Discover ancient Artifacts in the Artifact Hall, and unlock their potent powers by upgrading and enhancing them.

Vergeway Tower Defense

Engage in exciting tower defense gameplay, collect and upgrade cards, and strategize and defeat dark enemies in the Vergeway.

Kingdom Building

Upgrade your buildings, research new technology, train your troops, and lead your heroes to build a thriving kingdom.

Troop Formations

Outsmart your opponents with four troop types and six distinct troop formations; perfect your strategy and assemble the ultimate lineup.

Powerful Heroes

Create a formidable team of five Heroes to fight through an RPG-style campaign and drive your kingdom to glory.

Guild Alliances

Forge lasting alliances within a guild, conquer exhilarating events together, and emerge victorious in battles such as Guild Wars and Kingdom Versus Kingdom.

Online Clashes

Battle millions of players worldwide, defeat formidable foes, and claim the throne as you rule the strategy game genre.

Animated Battles

Experience the enthralling clash of armies in stunning, fully animated 3D graphics, complete with Heroes harnessing their mystical powers.


Eager to prove your strategic mettle and carve a place for yourself in the magical world of Lords Mobile: Kingdom Wars APK? Download this action-packed, immersive strategy game today and march your way to victory alongside your loyal, powerful heroes! The time to unite the kingdoms and triumph over your enemies has arrived.

What's New in Latest Version

#Fixed issue where Auto Use was unavailable in the Lunar Foundry
#Fixed issue with residual Hero data in the troop deployment page
#New [Tycoon Challenge] Event (unlocked at Castle Lv 5. Check the Events Board for details)
#Added [Leader Skin Portraits] to Labyrinth & Tycoon Challenge
#Artifact Challenge: Revamped Challenge Shop, changed some prizes to Selection Chests
#[Leader Skins] (use Portraits to unlock)

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