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Battlegrounds Mobile India

2.7.0 for Android

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App NameBattlegrounds Mobile India
Package namecom.pubg.imobile
Category Action
Size842.07 MB
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The Description

Battlegrounds Mobile India APK

Download Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) APK on Android. The wait is finally over for Indian gamers as Krafton Game Union has announced the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). This new iteration of the popular battle royale game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), is specifically designed for the Indian market and comes packed with exciting features and game modes that cater to the unique preferences of Indian gamers. In this article, we will explore the game and its features in detail, and also take a look at the new updates.


Battlegrounds Mobile India is a battle royale game that takes you on an adrenaline-fueled journey to survival. The game is on a virtual island where you must fight to be the last man standing. You can team up with friends, or go solo, as you explore the map and gather weapons, gear, and resources to survive. The game is fast-paced, and intense, and requires quick thinking and quick reflexes to survive.

The gameplay of Battlegrounds Mobile India is similar to that of other battle royale games. You are dropped onto a virtual island with up to 100 players, and you must fight to be the last man standing. You can gather weapons, gear, and resources to help you survive and defeat your enemies. The game features several game modes, including solo, duo, and squad play, so you can play with friends or go it alone.

Features of BGMI:

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has a highly detailed and immersive map. The map is set in a variety of locations, including urban, rural, and coastal areas, and features a wide range of environments, such as forests, mountains, and lakes. The map also features a variety of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, and boats, which you can use to get around and explore the island.

Also, Battlegrounds Mobile India is a highly realistic and engaging combat game. The game features a wide range of weapons, including rifles, shotguns, pistols, and grenades, which you can use to take out your enemies. The game also features a cover system, which allows you to take cover behind objects and use them to your advantage.


Battlegrounds Mobile India is a thrilling and exciting battle royale game that takes you on a journey to survival. With its highly detailed and immersive map, realistic combat system, and wide range of weapons, the game offers a unique and engaging experience for Indian gamers. The upcoming 2.4 update promises to bring even more content and excitement to the game, making it a must-play for all battle royale fans.

FAQs about BGMI

What is Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a multiplayer battle royale game, developed specifically for the Indian market by KRAFTON, Inc.

Is Battlegrounds Mobile India different from PUBG Mobile?

Yes, Battlegrounds Mobile India is a separate game from PUBG Mobile, with new features and modifications designed for the Indian market.

What platforms will Battlegrounds Mobile India be available on?

Battlegrounds Mobile India will be available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Will I be able to transfer my PUBG Mobile data to Battlegrounds Mobile India?

No, players will not be able to transfer their PUBG Mobile data to Battlegrounds Mobile India as they are separate games.

What's New in Latest Version

Play New Events: Win 4 Permanent premium Outfits

  • New 1x1 Nusa Map
  • New Cycle Season
  • Stygian Liege X suit
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