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VMOS Virtual phone system

1.2.0 for Android

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App Information

App NameVMOS - Virtual phone system
Package namecom.vmos.google
Category Tools
Size306.47 MB
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The Description


Do you ever feel like your smartphone is too limited? What if you could have a special space on your phone to do more without worrying about breaking anything? Well, now you can! There’s a cool app called VMOS APK that lets you create a whole new system on your phone, giving you more freedom to do what you want.


VMOS is an innovative virtual machine platform application that enables users to operate a fully functional Android system within their existing operating system. This application goes beyond a simple virtual system emulator by providing a ROM platform that allows users to create custom ROMs. Its versatile nature provides technical users with extensive customization options for their devices.

Developed by the highly skilled team at VMOS, this innovative application creates a virtual machine on your device, providing advanced capabilities for various operations. Essentially, it allows you to have two smartphones on a single device without any performance degradation. With VMOS APK, you can use cutting-edge technology for improved gaming experiences, seamless multitasking, and enhanced data security.

VMOS Features:

  • Independent virtual mobile system
  • Application dual-opening
  • Everything floating window
  • Convenient operation with floating ball
  • Supports resolution modification and background run
  • File Transfer Station
  • Rooted VM
  • Xposed Installer support

Independent virtual mobile system

VMOS is a reliable solution for creating a virtual machine on your device, which offers a secure and independent environment. This virtual machine is designed to protect your device from malware, and system crashes while enabling you to enjoy a private space within your device. With this, you can run multiple apps and tasks in a separate environment, which will not affect the performance of your device’s primary operating system.

Application dual-opening

Eliminate the inconvenience of switching between accounts. Utilize the ability to run two instances of the same application, engage in multitasking activities like gaming while streaming live broadcasts, or maintain seamless communication without interruptions. Achieving a work-life balance has never been simpler, thanks to these advanced features.

Everything floating window

Facilitate the implementation of floating windows for an extensive range of applications, thereby seamlessly enabling multitasking across multiple applications on the same screen.

Convenient operation with floating ball

With the floating ball functionality, navigating between apps has never been easier. Its streamlined operation eliminates the need for complex navigation, making it effortless to switch between different applications.

Supports resolution modification and background run

To optimize power savings in scenarios where multitasking is required, consider utilizing the screen-off function. This feature enables apps to operate in the background while allowing users to adjust the screen resolution to meet specific requirements. By doing so, power consumption can be minimized while maintaining efficient system performance.

File Transfer Station

Experience the convenience of mutually cloning application files across real and virtual machines, eliminating the need for repetitive installations and reducing redundancy.

Root Support

This enables users to fine-tune the Android operating system to their liking. Rooted ROMs offer a range of benefits, including the ability to optimize system performance, install custom software, modify apps, and access advanced features that are not available on standard Android devices.

Xposed support

The app is compatible with Xposed Installed ROMs, which offer root-level functionality as well as device manipulation capabilities. This feature enables users to access more advanced and intricate system configurations while maintaining the device’s stability and security.


VMOS is a powerful tool that offers a wide range of features and functionalities, making multitasking on your smartphone effortless. Not only does it optimize your smartphone’s usage, but it also reinvents the way you approach tasks. If you want to explore a new and improved era of smartphone utilization, then head to VMOS APK. With this app, you can transform your smartphone into a powerhouse and stay ahead of the game.

What's New in Latest Version

- Fixed some known issues;
- Improved stability and performance and continued to optimize user experience.

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