Limbo PC Emulator APK

Limbo PC Emulator

6.0.1 for Android

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App Information

App NameLimbo PC Emulator
Package namecom.limbo.emu.main
Category Tools
Size31.3 MB
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The Description

Limbo PC Emulator APK

Welcome to the expansive world of Android emulation. Nowadays, many tech enthusiasts support the idea of versatility and functionality in our gadgets. The increasing need to run different OS on Android has led to the rise of glorious apps like the Limbo PC Emulator APK.

About Limbo PC Emulator APK

Limbo PC Emulator is an unprecedented software that allows your handheld device to emulate old PC applications & OS like Windows XP, Windows 95, and MSDos, etc. It is developed EnergyCube, With this fantastic app, your device goes from an Android phone/tablet to a near-complete personal computer.

Diving into the digital realm of PC emulation shows that the APK version of the Limbo PC Emulator ushers in a new era of possibilities. It provides you with the essence of the Windows experience without needing hefty systems or extensive setups.

Limbo PC Emulator APK Features:

  • Versatile Emulation
  • Broad File-Type Compatibility
  • Emulates various Operating Systems
  • User-friendly Interface

Versatile Emulation

Limbo PC Emulator, unlike its competitors, allows for emulating a broad spectrum of old PC systems and architecture, such as x86, x64, ARM, Sparc, and PowerPC.

Broad File-Type Compatibility

The emulator is compatible with a wide array of file types such as img, iso, qcow, and vmdk, thus enabling the emulation of a wide range of software.

Emulates various Operating Systems

From Linux to Windows and even DOS, Limbo Emulator can run many Operating Systems.

User-friendly Interface

Despite being a technically sophisticated app, its interface remains user-friendly, making navigation and operation accessible to the end user.


With the steady rise of high-end games and sophisticated software, current appliances may become obsolete. The Limbo PC Emulator rescues us in this regard. Providing the potential to turn your Android devices into a fully functioning PC, it holds the promise of infinite possibilities.

Don’t limit your Android device to just running Android apps. Transform it into an all-in-one gadget with the Limbo PC Emulator and experience the joy of a PC in a handheld device.

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