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2.0.46 for Android

by Kooapps Games | Fun Arcade and Casual Action Games

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Download FAQs:

How do i Install this App?

For .APK file:

Simply download the .APK by using the provided download links. To ensure everything works smoothly, please check that you have a stable internet connection. Once the file is downloaded, open it and install it.

Please note on some devices you may be prompted with a message asking to allow installations from 3rd party sources. Simply click allow and proceed with installing the app.

For .APKs file:

In some case, the app may be in a .APKS (Split APK Format). To install these files, you will need to use a 3rd party installer called SAI (Split APK Installer). A guide will be provided to install in the main post for this app which require SAI.

For .ZIP file:

The file may contain the APK file with OBB cache data or maybe Multi Split APK Files which is .APKs. A proper guide will be provided in the main post.

But if there isn't then you must extract the zip file using ZArchiver or any Archive extractor app. Check if there are multiple .APK files then you need to install the zip file using SAI. otherwise, if there is contain a single .APK file with an OBB cache folder then copy or move that folder into your Internal Storage/ Android/ obb folder first then Install the Single APK file.

privacy_tipWhy Play Protect shows Warning?

Play Protect checks your device for potentially harmful apps (Modified apps) obtained from other sources. In most cases you should not see this message but in some instances you may see this message. Simply click "Allow" and proceed with the installation.

Please note that all apps provided on our website are checked and are 100% Virus Free. We will NEVER post apps that do not meet our stringent safety criteria.

tips_and_updatesDo i need ARM7 or ARM64?

To be sure which architecture app to choose, use an app called "CPU-Z". Simply install this app, open it, Navigate to the System Tab and note your "Kernel Architecture".

If it states aarch64 then you have an ARM64 CPU Architecture. If you see anything else, select the ARM7 version.

If you are unsure which to use, choose ARM7. ARM64 devices support ARM7 apps so you will be safe with this option.

speedToo Slow Download Speeds

For optimal download speeds and integrity of your downloads, please ensure that you have a stable network connection. For the best results, consider using a Download Manager such as 1DM+ or ADM. These will ensure that your downloads do not get corrupted and have resume support.

If you are still facing issues with speeds, please try another link.

Still not working? Reach out to us & we will help you!

link_offLink is Broken

We try our best to ensure all links on our sites are always working however, in some rare cases you may come across broken links.

Simply try the mirror links if the main link is down.

If all the links are down, please report it to us via comment form or contact us page below and we will have it fixed in a flash!

file_download_offIncorrect file Downloaded

Please note that we double check every link and upload prior to posting so the chance of encountering such an issue is extremely slim.

To rule out user error, please redownload the file and see if the incorrect file gets downloaded again. If the issue still persists, please send us a message and we will have the issue fixed immediately!

securityAre these files 100% Safe?

We take security and the security of our visitors devices extremely serious. Every step is taken to ensure all files on our website are 100% free of viruses and are from reputable sources.

If some of the files flag on VirusTotal, please note that it is a false positive. We check every file and ensure they are from reputable source only. In most cases we obtain the files directly from the source to ensure the integrity of all the files. If an app's source is not reputable, we don't post it - Safety is always our #1 priority and we take no shortcuts.


If you have any concerns whatsoever with regards to a file on our site, please reach out to us.

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